Are you seeking to develop an innovative drug minimizing the risk of failure?

Harfang Therapeutics is the alliance of audacity and experience

Why us?

With our efficient analysis and selection methods, we offer manufacturers innovative drugs in veterinary medicine for dogs, cats or horses:

Thanks to our know-how, we develop and formulate each chosen molecule until a sufficiently credible proof of concept is achieved. HARFANG Therapeutics offers you innovative drugs with a very limited risk of MA failure.

The "One Health" approach

We apply the “one health” approach, acknowledging that the health of all living species is interconnected. This principle highlights that beneficial practices for one animal species can positively impact others, even extending to human development in some instances and vice versa.

Meet our team

Co-founder & CEO

Maël Guillo, DVM

Co-founder & General Manager

Yves Tillet, PharmD

AI for your molecules

Using AI, HARFANG Therapeutics will perform a large but stringent and reliable analysis to select the most favorable compounds to finally chose one compound intended to receive market approval.