Our Founders

Co-founder & CEO

Maël Guillo, DVM

D.U microsurgery, multi-species experience

Author of a doctoral thesis dedicated to the use of mAbs against infectious agents.

Co-founder & General Manager

Yves Th. Tillet, PharmD

Past President & Founder of CRO Clinica & Statistica and past CEO of WHITE-TILLET (regulatory expertise & consulting)

Currently, President of T.E.B., Expert in evaluation and regulation of health products

Our Scientific Council

Dr. Nicolas Ferry, MD, PhD

Successively director of the INSERM UMR 948 unit, Head of the biological products and vaccines department at the French Medicines Agency (ASNM), expert in bio-production at IT health technologies (INSERM). He is today founder of NF consulting.

Pr. Daniel Marzin, PharmD, PhD

Professor emeritus of toxicology at the Lille Faculty of Pharmacy, former member of the Marketing Authorization Commission of the French Medicines Agency, former expert at the EMA and EFSA, founder of the mutagenesis laboratory at Lille Pastor institute.

Pr. François Meurens, DVM, PhD

Professor of veterinary immunology at Montreal veterinary university (Canada). Expert in animal immuno-infectiology. He holds editorial positions in several scientific journals (Molecular Immunology, Vaccines and Frontiers in Microbiology) and conducts research in veterinary immunology, mainly on swine species.

Pr. Marc Pallardy, PharmD, PhD

Professor of toxicology at the Paris-Saclay Faculty of Pharmacy, Dean of the faculty, former member of the Marketing Authorization Commission of the French Medicines Agency, specialist in immuno-toxicology.

Pr. Jean H. Trouvin, PharmD, PhD

Professor emeritus of pharmacology and pharmacokinetics at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris V, former director of the drug evaluation service (DEMEB) at the French Agency for Health Product Safety (AFSSAPS), former president of the working group of biological products at the EMA, president since 2019 of the commission for the evaluation of biological products at the IABS.

Dr. Pascal Prelaud, DVM

Dipl. ECVD, International specialist in canine atopic dermatitis, author of several books and publications about veterinary dermatology, Author of scientific blog http://dermatiteatopiquecanine.org